Fabulous Nails always speak about You
Let us make your nails beautiful with a little bit of sparkle and lots of hardwork

Gel Polish

Get a perfect set of nails with our Gel polish service that is gentle to the natural nails, gives superior shine, gloss and stays intact for couple of weeks. Say no to chipping or cracking.

Nail Art

Get basic or advanced nail art to embellish your nails. Let our nail technician enhance the beauty of your hands and legs with nail art, stone art, 3D Artwork and more

Nail Maintenance

Keep your nails in shape with our nail upkeep service of acrylic or gel refills, fixing broken or chipped nails or simple removal of gel polish or extensions.

Gel Nail Extension

Get hand crafted beautiful nails which are created on your natural nail bed making them strong, glossy and long lasting. Our experienced nail technician apply thin layers of gel which instantly dries upon UV curing. Ideal for people with short, brittle nails.

Acrylic Nail Extension

Try our sculpted long lasting acrylic nails service and get beautifully customised nails as per your mood or occasion. Our experienced nails technician will clean the natural nail, shape, buff, push the cuticles before creating the acrylic work on top. Also elongate your natural nails by adding additional tip to add length.


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